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Louis-Frédéric Lebel

Louis-Frédéric Lebel

Groupe Lebel

After earning his bachelor's degree in administration from UQTR in 1992, Louis-Frédéric Lebel joined the family business in 1993. From 1993 to 2004, he held various positions in the company: Foreman at a veneer plant, in Logistics, and as Lumber Trader before becoming General Manager at the Scotsburn’s plant in Nova Scotia. He was also involved in Business Development at all times.

Passionate and hard-working, Louis-Frédéric follows in the footsteps of his father, Deniso Lebel, the company's founder. Like him, he defines himself as “a resolutely regional builder”. He became in 2004 the head of the company, founded in 1956. During his time as CEO, he oversaw, especially since 2006, several major acquisitions to further the company's growth, including the recent acquisition of a plant in Plaster Rock, New Brunswick and the construction of a brand-new pellet plant in Cacouna, Quebec, as well as the expansion of some fifteen plants in the regions where they are located.

Having at heart the development of the plants and the influence of the company in the regions where he chooses to settle, he invites people to get involved socially by regularly supporting important events for the communities. One of the causes he unconditionally supports is the Fondation Annette Cimon Lebel, founded by his mother, which provides assistance to people with cancer and their families.

This desire for continuity and perenniality of the family business is very tangible. He often says to his teams: "Because of all those who offer us their knowledge and hard work, we are fortunate to offer a stable and constantly evolving work environment of which we can only be proud!"


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