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Andrew Goodman

Andrew Goodman

President and CEO
Sherwood Lumber
United States

Andrew (Andy) Goodman is the current President & CEO of Sherwood Lumber. Andy joined Sherwood, founded by his father Bernard Goodman in 1978 and became the CEO in 1990. Before Joining Sherwood, Andy was an accountant working with many public and private companies on their taxes and tax planning.


During his tenure at Sherwood, he has utilized his financial knowledge and has led the company from 10 associates located on the east coast to where it is at today, a national wholesale lumber company with associates located coast to coast.


Sherwood Lumber is founded on family values, driven by a history of success and motivated to grow our business alongside our people and partners. Today, Sherwood operates with the third generation of Goodmans, Michael and Josh in leadership positions where they continue to learn and grow under Andy’s mentorship to continue Sherwood’s success for future generations.


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