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Michele Romanow is our Keynote Speaker!

Wednesday 24 January 2024

We're thrilled to unveil Michele Romanow as our esteemed Keynote Speaker for the Luncheon on Wednesday, April 10th, at the Montréal Wood Convention 2024!

Michele Romanow is not your average entrepreneur – she's a tech titan, a dragon, and an influential figure in the business world. As a serial entrepreneur, Michele has successfully launched six companies before celebrating her 35th birthday, showcasing her exceptional talent and determination.

Known as a "Dragon" on CBC's hit show, Dragons' Den, Michele is the Co-Founder and Executive Chair at Clearco Canada, the world's largest e-commerce investor. Clearco has invested over $5 billion into 10,000 entrepreneurs across 13 countries, significantly impacting the global business landscape.

Again, please mark your calendar for Wednesday, April 10th, as Michele Romanow will share her insights and experiences during this exclusive luncheon. This is your chance to glean inspiration from one of Canada's most influential business leaders.

Secure your spot for the Montréal Wood Convention 2024 now by clicking here.

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