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North American Market viewed by Europe CEO

Wednesday 24 February 2021

The MWC Experience 2021 organizing committee was able to secure the participation of Mr. Reinhard Binder, CEO of binderholz in Austria, one of the largest European producers of lumber and engineered wood products. In addition, Binderholz recently acquired two US sawmills, one in Florida and another in North Carolina.

In a short, but intense pre-recorded interview, Mr. Binder will be answering questions on the ever-evolving role of European suppliers in North America.

Register now for FREE on our website. If you register before March 10th, you will receive a tasty, fun-filled gift box, reflecting the hospitality of the beautiful and vibrant city of Montréal.

You can also submit your questions to the panel on our website and they could become a topic of discussion during the Experience 2021.

Here is a special invitation from Geoff Molson, Owner of the Montréal Canadiens.

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