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Make business happen with the MWC app — an event app that includes networking, lead capturing, the event schedule and more. Increase your chances of making quality connections, plan in-person business meetings and make the most out of your event.

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Join Your Event Community
The experience begins with you. Activate your profile in seconds using the email address you used to register for the event. The list of participants, exhibitors and speakers will instantly be at your fingertips.

Prepare in Advance
Bookmark the sessions you want to attend and organize your event schedule to your liking. Keep your personalized event program handy in one place.

Book Face-to-Face Meetings
Based on your professional needs, Swapcard AI suggests participants with common interests. Start reviewing your matches, initiate conversations and plan to meet up in person at the event.

Stay connected
Free and unlimited scans mean you’ll never lose an opportunity again. Our quick scanning tool reads business cards or QR codes and instantly adds them to your contacts.

Stay Up-to-Date
Notifications ensure you’ll never miss the sessions and meetings you booked. Live updates keep you in the loop throughout the event.

Gain Prospects
With the use of tags, you can qualify your connections and add notes so you won’t forget the important details. After the event, export your contacts to your smartphone or CRM for easy follow up. Say “so long!” to manually entering business card information.

How can I access the attendee list and download it?

You can view the list of all participants under Attendees. Simply click on participant you would like to connect with and send them a connection request or simply press the little Add icon next to their image.


To download the list, in the top right-hand menu, click on "my contacts". On your contacts page, click on "download" in the box on the left.


How do I access the app?

You will receive an email with log in details for the Montréal Wood Convention app, our event platform. Click on the button in the email to connect to the platform. Once you have created your password, you will arrive in the event's home menu. Please note that member accounts are limited to a single user and will be locked if shared with multiple users.

I did not receive or lost the email. What should I do?

You can login here using the email you used to register. If you are logging in for the first time, you will need to send yourself a magic link to set up your password.

What do I do if my magic link expires?

The magic link is an email with a security token personalized for your email address, and it expires in one hour or after you use it. If your magic link has expired, you can send yourself a new one from the login page.

What if I can't login via the login page?

If you are unable to login, please check that you are using the email address you used for your registration. Also, please check your spam or clutter folder for your magic link email.

If you are still unable to login, please contact us at

How do I see and edit my profile?

Once you are in the home menu, click on My Profile in the menu or “Edit” beside your profile image. You can add or remove your personal details here.

I can't find myself in the attendee list. Why not?

You will not appear to yourself when viewing the attendee list. If you would like to view or edit your profile, click on My Profile in the menu or “Edit” beside your profile image. You can add or remove your personal details here.

Can I access the event on my phone or tablet?

Yes. You will need to download the Montréal Wood Convention app on the App Store or Google Play.

App Store:

Google Play:

How can I access the Exhibitor Center?

From the Event Home you can access the Exhibitor Center either from the top-right corner menu or on the left-hand side just below your profile.

Please note that in order to see these options as available on your end, it is necessary that the Organizer first sets you up properly as an Exhibitor on their end. If none of these are visible to you, it means that haven't been added as an Exhibitor – only as an Attendee. If you believe this is a mistake, please reach out to the Organizer or any relevant point of contact within your company. Our Support Team isn't authorized to modify on behalf of the Organizer.

Can I build my own personal schedule?

Yes, when viewing the schedule (All Sessions & Events), you can add sessions by clicking the calendar icon next to the name of the session/event.

How can I see which sessions I have selected to attend?

Click on My Event in the menu. You can then click "My Schedule" to see all the sessions and events that you have added to your schedule.

Can I export my personalized schedule to my calendar?

Yes. To access your personalized schedule, click on "My Event" (main menu) and then "My Schedule" (top left in My Event). On the right, you will see options to either export to your calendar or export as a PDF.

Can I be reminded of my upcoming meetings?

Automatic notifications are sent when you receive a meeting request, but you will also receive a reminder a few minutes before the meeting starts. If you wish to cancel a meeting, you can do so under My Agenda and My Meetings.

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