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Welcome to the Montréal Wood Convention!

At the heart of the vibrant wood industry in Canada and North America, the Montréal Wood Convention is a premier event organized by the wood industry itself. We are dedicated to fostering growth, innovation, and collaboration within the wood sector. Our convention serves as a nexus where industry professionals, enthusiasts, and experts come together to shape the future of this dynamic field.

The event, which has its roots in the Canadian Lumbermen’s Association (CLA) Convention, first held in 1908, was revamped and restarted in 2013 by four industry associations in Eastern Canada, the Maritime Lumber Bureau (MLB), the Ontario Forest Industry Association (OFIA), the Québec Forest Industry Council (QFIC) and the Québec Wood Export Bureau (QWEB).

Our Values

The Montréal Wood Convention embodies several key values that drive its mission to promote the usage and trade of wood products within North America and beyond. These values shape the organization's approach and the experience it provides to participants :

Promotion of Wood Products

The convention places a strong emphasis on promoting the usage and trade of wood products. It recognizes the value of wood as a sustainable, versatile, and renewable resource, and seeks to create awareness and encourage its utilization in various industries. Co-hosted by four Canadian industry associations, Canadian products and producers are the focus of the event.

Networking and Collaboration

The convention serves as a platform for networking and collaboration between suppliers and buyers of wood products. It brings together industry professionals, creating opportunities for business partnerships, exchange of knowledge, and the development of mutually beneficial relationships.

Inclusion and Equality

The Montréal Wood Convention operates in a spirit of inclusion, ensuring that all participants feel welcome and respected. It values diversity and equality, providing an open and inclusive environment for women and men from different backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives to come together and contribute to the industry's growth.

Respect for Industry Stakeholders

The convention values respect for all industry stakeholders, including suppliers, buyers, equipment providers, and service providers. It recognizes their contributions and provides a platform to showcase their expertise, innovations, and solutions to drive the wood products industry forward.

Youth Development

The Montréal Wood Convention recognizes the importance of nurturing the next generation of industry professionals. It seeks to inspire and support young people, encouraging their development and motivation for rewarding careers in the wood products industry. By providing resources, mentorship opportunities, and exposure to industry leaders, the convention helps foster a sustainable pipeline of talent.

By upholding these values, the convention aims to drive innovation, growth, and sustainability in the wood products industry, both regionally and globally.

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