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Regular rate: C$375 plus applicables taxes

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To participate only in the hardwood seminar on Thursday March 21, 2019, at the rate of C$125 plus applicable taxes, click here.

2019 Convention Participants
(update February 15, 2019)

526 Media Group - Building Prodcuts Digest, California, United States

84 Lumber Company, Pennsylvania, United States

AB Apartments, India

A.D. Rutherford International, Manitoba, Canada

AFA Forest Products, Ontario, Canada

Al Fustat, Egypt

Almassa International, Quebec, Canada

Alpa Lumber, Ontario, Canada

American International Forest Products, Oregon, United States

AmeriCan Structure, Quebec, Canada

Arabia Cotnracting Company, Egypt

Arbec, Lumber, Quebec, Canada

Art Massif, Quebec, Canada

Aspen Planers, British Columbia, Canada

Association forestière de l'Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Quebec, Canada

AT Packaging, Quebec, Canada

Autolog, Quebec, Canada

Avyukt International, India

Barco Material Handling, Ontario, Canada

Barrette Wood, Quebec, Canada

Barrette-Chapais, Quebec, Canada

BB Transformation, Quebec, Canada

Bégin et Bégin, Quebec, Canada

Benoit & Dionne Forest Products, Quebec, Canada

BFL Canada, Quebec, Canada

Bhamra Interiors, India

BID Group, British Columbia, Canada

Biewer Sawmills, Michigan, United States

Birmingham International Forest Products, Alabama, United States

Blanchet Multi Concept, Quebec, Canada

BlueLinx, Georgia, United States

BM Lumber 7, Quebec, Canada

Boa-Franc G.P,. Quebec, Canada

Bois Aisé de Montréal, Quebec, Canada

Bois Indifor, Quebec, Canada

Bois Lemay, Quebec, Canada

Bois Spec, Quebec, Canada

Boise Cascade, Idaho, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and North Carolina, United States

Bonsai Lumber, Quebec, Canada

Boscus Canada, Quebec, Canada

Bramwood Forest,Ontario, Canada

Brookhuis America, Georgia, United States

Brunswick Valley, New Brunswick, Canada

Buchanan Sales, Ontario, Canada

Buckeye Pacific, Oregon, United States

Builders FirstSource, Texas United States

CA Spencer, Quebec, Canada

Cambiumex, Quebec, Canada

Canada Pallet, Ontario, Canada

Canada Wood Group, British Columbia, Canada

Canadian Forest Industries, Ontario, Canada

Canadian Wood Products, Quebec, Canada

Canfor, British Columbia, Canada

Canmill Soultions, Ontario, Canada

Canoe Forest Products, British Columbia, Canada

CanWel Building Materials, Nova Scotia, Canada

Carbotech International, Quebec, Canada

Carrier Lumber, British Columbia, Canada

Carter Forest Products, Alberta, Canada

Castle Building Centers, Vermont, United States

Cedrico Lumber, Quebec, Canada

Centurion Lumber, British Columbia, Canada

Cerosimo Lumber, Vermont, United States

Chalet International, India

CMQR, Maine, United States

CN, Quebec, Canada

CNRC-PARI, Quebec, Canada

Cold Dragon, Quebec, Canada

Conifex, British Columbia, Canada

Conservation Forestry, New Hampshire, United States

CP, Quebec, Canada

Creopack, Quebec, Canada

Dakeryn, Brithish Columbia, Canada

Dendrotik, Quebec, Canada

Direct Timber, Ontario, Canada

Distribution Cardinal- Sawquip, Quebec, Canada

DK-SPEC, Quebec, Canada

DO2, Quebec, Canada

Do it Best, Indiana, United States

Dunkley Lumber, British Columbia, Canada

Eacan Timber, Nova Scotia, Canada

Eacom Timber Corporation, Quebec, Canada

Eastern Engineered Wood Products, New York, United States

EBI Dry Kiln Duty Motors, Quebec, Canada

École de foresterie Duchesnay, Quebec, Canada

Economic Development Canada, Ontario, Canada

Effecto, Quebec, Canada

Egypt Veneer, Egypt

Elathad for Weeden, Egypt

Element5, Ontario, Canada

Elof Hansson, New Jersey, United States

Éloi Moisan, Quebec, Canada

EMB, Quebec, Canada

EncoreFX, Ontario, Canada

Entekra, California, United States

Epicore Sofware, British Columbia, Canada

Epinex, black spruce construction systems, Quebec, Canada

Euler Hermes, Quebec, Canada

Falcon Lumber, Ontario, Canada

Fastmarkets RISI, Massachusetts, United States

FCGT Structural Products, Manitoba, Canada

Fédération des producteurs forestiers du Québec, Quebec, Canada

First Wood, British Columbia, Canada

Fondaction, Quebec, Canada

Fonds de solidarité FTQ, Quebec, Canada

Fontaine Lumber, Quebec, Canada

Forest City Trading Group, Oregon, United States

Forest Commodities Board, Alberta, Canada

Forex, Quebec, Canada

Forex Wood, Quebec, Canada

Formabois, Quebec, Canada

Formation Lean Expert. Quebec, Canada

FPInnovations, Quebec, Canada

Fromm Packaging System, Ontario, Canada

Georgia-Pacific, Georgia, United States

Gestion Solifor, Quebec, Canada

Ghanshyam Patel Contractors, India

Giguère & Morin, Quebec, Canada

Gilbert, Québec, Canada

Goodfellow, Quebec, Canada

Great Lakes Forest Products, Indiana, United States

Groupe Bellemare, Quebec, Canada

Groupe Crête, Quebec, Canada

Groupe de scieries GDS, Quebec, Canada

Groupe Lebel, Quebec, Canada

Groupe NBG, Quebec, Canada

Groupe TYT, Quebec, Canada

Hampton Lumber, Oregon, United States

Hancock Lumber, Maine, United States

HewSaw, British Columbia, Canada

Home Hardware, Ontario, Canada

Hoover Treated Wood Products, Georgia, United States

Hornepayne Lumber, Ontario, Canada

Hub International, Quebec, Canada

IBC, International Bar Coding & Consulting, British Columbia, Canada

Idaho Timber, Idaho, United States

IDCAM, Quebec, Canada

Imperial Oil, Quebec, Canada

Insightworks Learning and Development, Ontario, Canada

InSites Consulting, Belgium

Interfor, British Columbia, Canada

International Beam, Florida, United States

International Forest Products, Massachusetts, United States and British Columbia, Canada

Interwood Moble, Pakistan

InterWrap – Owens Corning, Quebec, Canada

INTL FCStone, Missouri, United States

JAMEC, Quebec, Canada

J.D. Irving, New Brunswick, Canada

Jupiterwood, British Columbia, Canada

Kalesnikoff Lumber, British Columbia, Canada

Karnavati Timber Mart, India

Kebois, Quebec, Canada

Kenora Forest Products, Manitoba, Canada

Kent Building Supplies, New Jersey, United States

Khaled and Ziad Younes, Jordania

King City Northway Fowarding, Quebec, Canada

Kott, Ontario, Canada

KP Wood, British Columbia, Canada

KPS Timber & Sawmill, India

Kuehne + Nagel, Vermont, United States

Langevin Forest Products, Massachusetts, United States

Lavern Heideman & Sons, Ontario, Canada

LBC Capital, Quebec, Canada

LBM Advantage, New Jersey and New York, United States

Les Bois Dany Bernier, Quebec, Canada

Les bois d'oeuvre Beaudoin Gauthier, Quebec, Canada

Les Bois du Fjord, Quebec, Canada

Les Bois Martek, Quebec, Canada

Les Bois Variés, Quebec, Canada

Les Chantiers Chibougamau, Quebec, Canada

Les Emballages Carrousel - Wulftec International, Quebec, Canada

Les Industries PF, Quebec, Canada

Liebherr, Ontario, Canada

Lignum Forest Products, British Columbia, Canada

LINCK, Germany

Livingston International Ontario, Canada

LMC, Pennsylvania, United States

LMI Technologies, British Columbia, Canada

Lonza, Quebec, Canada

Lulumco, Quebec, Canada

Lumbermen Associates, Pennsylvania, United States

Lumbermens Merchandising, Pennsylvania, United States

LumberXchange, Illinois, United States

Magnum Forest Products, Manitoba, Canada

Mahajan Fibers, India

Marex Solutions, Quebec, Canada

Mariotti Building Products, Pennsylvania, United States

Maritime Lumber Bureau, Nova Scotia, Canada

Marwood, New Brunswick, Canada

Matériaux Blanchet, Quebec, Canada

MEBOIS, Quebec, Quebec

Mercer Timber Products, British Canada, Canada

Metriguard, Washington, United States

Midway Lumber Mills, Ontario, Canada

Millar Western, Alberta, Canada

Millbrook Lumber, Massachusetts, United States

Ministère de l'Économie et de l'Innovation, Quebec, Canada

Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs, Quebec, Canada

MKGT International, Quebec, Canada

MtlLink, Quebec, Canada

Murillo Millworks, Ontario, Canada

N & S Wood Products, India

Namdhari Timber, India

National Association of Home Builders, Washington D.C., United States

National Lumber Grades Authority, British Columbia, Canada

National Research Council, Alberta, Canada

NAWLA, Illinois, Canada

NHLA, Quebec, Canada

Nicholson, British Columbia, Canada

Nicholson & Cates, Ontario, Canada

Nordic Structures, Quebec, Canada

Norfolk Southern, Quebec, Canada and Virginia, United States

North American Forest Products, Michigan, United States

North Star Forest Materials, Minnesota, United States

Northeastern Lumber Manfucturers Association, Maine, United States

Olympic Industries, British Columbia, Canada

Ontario Forest Industries Association, Ontario, Canada

Ontario Lumber Manufacturers Agency, Ontario, Canada

Opérations forestières et de scierie, Quebec, Canada

OWL Distribution, Ontario, Canada

P3 Joist, Quebec, Canada

Papiers WhiteBirch, Quebec, Canada

PG Wood Flooring, Quebec, Canada

Phoenix Forest Products, Ontario, Canada

Piché, Quebec, Canada

Pleasant River Lumber, Maine, United States

PMP Solutions, Quebec, Canada

Polyplast, Quebec, Canada

Preet Land Promoters and Developers, India

Preverco, Quebec, Canada

Prévibois, Quebec, Canada

Primewood, Quebec, Canada

Proax Technologies, Quebec, Canada

Produits forestiers DG, Quebec, Canada

Produits forestiers Petit Paris, Quebec, Canada

Produits forestiers Tabula, Quebec, Canada

Produits forestiers Temrex, Quebec, Canada

Prologic+, Quebec, Canada

PWC, Quebec, Canada

Qingdao Minyuanxiang International Trading, China

Québec Forest Industry Council, Quebec, Canada

Québec Office in Beijing, China

Quebec Wood Export Bureau, Quebec, Canada

Ramdom Lengths, Oregon, United States

Reading & Northern RR, Pennsylvania, United States

Rembos, Ontario, Canada

René Bernard, Quebec, Canada

Resham Interiors, India

Resolute Forest Products, Quebec, Canada

Ressources Lumber, Quebec, Canada

Richmond International Forest Products, Virginia, United States

RYAM Lumber, Ontario, Canada

S. Huot, Quebec, Canada

Samuel Packaging Group, Quebec, Canada

San Industries, British Columbia

Scierie Dion et fils, Quebec, Canada

Scierie Landrienne, Quebec, Canada

Scierie West Brome, Quebec, Canada

Seabord International Forest Products, New Hamshire, United States

Séchoir MEC, Quebec, Canada

Sewak Timbers, India

Sexton Group, Ontario, Canada

Shakuntalam Timbers, India

Shanker International, India

Shanghai Shuzhan Wood Production, China

Shanghai Treeman Wood Manufacture, China

Shivshati International, India

Shuangye Furniture Industry, China

SiCan Systems, British Columbia, Canada

Signode Industrial Group, Ontario, Canada

Sinclar Group, British Columbia, Canada

Sitka Forest Products, Quebec, Canada

Skana Forest Products, British Colombia, Canada

Soanbert Corporation, Ontario, Canada

Société d'habitation du Québec, Quebec, Canada

Statistics Canada, Ontario, Canada

Stella-Jones, Quebec, Canada

Still River Lumber, Connecticut, United States

Structures Covibro, Quebec, Canada

Sungchang Enterprise, South Korea

Taiga Building Products, British Columbia, Canada

Tall Tree Lumber, Ontario, Canada

Tampa International Forest Products, Florida, United States

Tanguay, Quebec, Canada

The Softwood Forest Products, Tennessee, United States

TianJin W&W Industrial Corporation, China

TIFP, Florida, United States

Timbermart, Quebec, Canada

Timberline Forest Products, Oregon, United States

Tolko Marketing and Sales, British Columbia, Canada

Total Pallet Solutions, Ontario, Canada

Trade Commissioner Service, Global Affairs Canada, Ontraio, Canada

Transfomation de bois CBV, Quebec, Canada

Tri-State Forest Products, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio, United States

Tulnoy, New York, United States

Twin Rivers, New Brunswick, Canada

Uniboard Canada, Quebec, Canada

Universal Forest Products, Colorado, United States

USNR, Wahsington, United States

Utah Lumber, Utah, United States

V G Lumber, India

VAB Solutions, Quebec, Canada

Vallée, Quebec, Canada

Valport Martime Services, Quebec, Canada

Vanport International, Oregon, United States

Valutec, British Columbia, Canada

Vee Aar Woodchem, India

Veer Plastics, Quebec, Canada

Velcan Forest Products, Ontario, Canada

Vexco, Quebec, Canada

Viking Forest Products, Minnesota, United States

VMY Trading, Pakistan

Well Made Here, Quebec, Canada

Wellons FEI, Quebec, Canada

West Fraser, British Columbia, Canada

Weston Forest, Ontario, Canada

White Rivers Forest, Ontario, Canada

Wing, Japan

Wood Art Interiors, India

Wood Perfect, Alabama, United States

WoodPro Software, British Columbia, Canada

Wood Style, India

Wulftec International, Quebec, Canada

List of registered companies at the 2018 Convention

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